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Lock Heart

Available Scale : Play Arts Kai

Check Another Scale :
1/12 Scale : https://sfabsworkshop.com/product/lock-heart-ff-vii-remake-1-12-scale/
Play Arts Kai : https://sfabsworkshop.com/product/lock-heart-ff-vii-remake-play-arts-kai/
1/6 Scale : https://sfabsworkshop.com/product/lock-heart-ff-vii-remake-1-6-scale/

Cloud Strife :
1/12 Scale : https://sfabsworkshop.com/product/perfect-soldier-ff-vii-remake-1-12-scale/
Play Arts Kai : https://sfabsworkshop.com/product/perfect-soldier-ff-vii-remake-play-arts-kai/
1/6 Scale : https://sfabsworkshop.com/product/perfect-soldier-ff-vii-remake-1-6-scale/

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